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Our Conversation With…Galactic Raptor Games About Animal Kingdoms

Here’s a blast from the past. With Animal Kingdoms arriving in backers’ hands, I thought it would be good to rerun this conversation with the publishers.

Ryan and I chat with Carla Kopp and Dan Letzring of Galactic Raptor about their first game, Animal Kingdoms. Continue reading “Our Conversation With…Galactic Raptor Games About Animal Kingdoms”

Taking It Easy – A Conversation With…Josh Mills

I’m happy to have Josh Mills on the show this time. You’ll remember Josh from Rocky Road ala Mode and Ion Award winning American Steel. We talk mostly about his newest game, Big Easy Busking. Big Easy is coming from Weird Giraffe Games. We discuss how the game came about, the joys of a disastrous playtest, and odd themes. It’s fun.  



Weird Giraffe Games can be found here.

You can get to the Big Easy Busking KS here.

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