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Join The Revolution – A Conversation With…Benny Sperling and Derik Duley of Roll & Write Revolution

This show I’m joined by Derik Duley and Benny Sperling. They are the design and publishing team behind Roll & Write Revolution. The Revolution has published four groundbreaking roll and write games. We talk about these and their most recent one, Train In Vain.

Dice & Ink, Volume 1 – A Conversation With…Inkwell Games’ Odin Phong

This time Odin Phong is back to talk about his newest endeavor, Dice & Ink, volume 1. It’s an anthology book of roll and write games being published by his company, Inkwell Games. This cool book is loaded with 10 complete roll and writes ranging from solo games to co-op games. This is a pretty unique idea and Odin is super stoked about it. As you will hear in the show.



The book of games hit Kickstarter today. Go check it out right here.

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