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The Giant Hula Monster #2 – Romancing the Astro-Games

Last time I talked about science fiction as a game theme and listed some examples. There are A LOT of them. It is a oft use theme. Why? Because it sells, the IP space is open if you do something original (i.e. you can make more games in that universe), and most of the time these games look cool. All this got me thinking. As a game designer, why aren’t I designing a science fiction themed game? Well I was. It was called The Survivor and it was loosely based on Robinson Crusoe on Mars, a movie from 1964 starring Paul Mantee. He and Adam West are astronauts who crash on Mars. Mantee has to find food, water, and shelter until a rescue vessel can arrive. It’s a fun movie, very 1960’s feeling. I started on it several years ago. It started out as with mechanics using a standard deck of cards, charts, movement on a small board. It was complex and not fun. So I set it aside and went to the next design. Then I see Jason Glover’s Desolate and realized that this was the game I was trying to make. By the way this is an excellent solo game that you can hear more about right here – Flying Solo  . And you can buy your own copy here – Desolate on The Game Crafter 

The itch to make a science fiction themed game was revived when I discovered Monster Kid Radio podcast. Derek Koch’s wonderful show covers the movies that I LOVE – 1930’s through early 1960’s monster movies. This includes your classics like Dracula, The Mummy, and Creature From The Black Lagoon. He and his guests also talk about not as well known movies like Dan Curtis’ Dracula, Santo movies, Nosferatu, and The Beach Girls And The Monster.   It reawakened my monster kid and I’m very glad of it. Here’s a link to MKR. I give it my highest recommendation.

Anyway, Ryan and I got to talking and actually watching some of them ‘together’. He asked me that very question – why don’t I make a science fiction themed game based on one of these movies? That was a very excellent question and got my brain working. It would be great to do a Logan’s Run or This Island Earth. But licensing issues would surely arise. It would be best to find a movie without that particular roadblock. Therefore to the public domain I went. And that is where I will harvest my theme. There are numerous movies there to pick from. Movies such as Robot Monster, Killers From Space, Attack of The Giant Leeches, and any number of Flash Gordon or other serials. Surely I can dig a treasure from such fertile ground. So readers, that is one of my design goals for 2019. I am going to design, or at least start, a game based on some public domain science fiction (possibly horror) movie. I have a couple of ideas and invite you to tag along on this journey with me.

Next Time: A few movies I’m considering

My 20 Favorite Monster Movies

I’ve been listening to Monster Kid Radio a lot lately. My old friend, Micah S. Harris, pointed me to it last month and I can’t get enough. If you didn’t know, I’m a huge classic monsters fan. I can remember ordering monster movie books from Scholastic in school (who remembers that?). I remember watching what was probably Creature Feature on Friday night. First a chapter of Flash Gordon then a monster movie. It was great. Later the movies moved to Saturday afternoons. Give me the classics and B-movies! In college I met Micah and discovered a whole bunch more – Plan 9, all the Santo movies, Superargo, even more B’s. We would talk about monster movies all the time. The VCR was your friend if you were a monster kid.

So Monster Kid Radio is a podcast that focuses on these movies. I’ve been listening every day now for a month.

Recently MKR asked listeners to send in their 20 favorite monster movies made in or before 1967. The latest show goes over this list. I missed sending mine in so I thought I would post it here.

20.The Trollenburg Terror

19.War of the Gargantuas

18.House of Wax (original)

17.Robot Monster

16.The Last Man On Earth (Vincent Price version)

15.The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

14.King Kong

13.The Thing From Another World


11.Village of The Damned

10.The Monster of Piedras Blancas

9.The Wolf Man

8.The Mummy (Karloff version)

7.The 7th Voyage of Sinbad


5.Jason And The Argonauts

4.Dracula (Lugosi version)

3.The Mole People

2.Invasion of The Body Snatchers (original)

1.The Creature From The Black Lagoon

Image result for creature from the black lagoon

That’s my list. These are my favorite old monster movies. It was actually kind of hard to make this list. Mostly because I can’t remember all that I’ve seen. I’m sure I’ve left something off. There are no Hammer films here simply because I haven’t seen a lot of them or haven’t seen them as much or they were later than 1967. Kaiju are represented but several of my favorites are again outside the parameters. Most people will be pulling their hair out that I didn’t include the original Frankenstein in the top 20. It’s in the top 50 for sure but I like these better. It’s my top 20. What are yours? I’d love to hear from you. Send in your list or comment with them below. Try to convince me why Horror of Dracula or The Monster That Challenged The World should be on my list. @tomgurg, goforthandgame@gmail.com or leave a comment

P.S. So when I started writing this article, War of the Gargantuas has just begun on Comet TV. It has just gone off. Guess what is coming on – Jason And The Argonauts! It’s a good day.