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It’s Indie-pendence Day!

Dogs In The Vineyard - one of the classic indie games.
Fiasco - chock full of awesome

I’m having some friends over to play role playing games today. The theme today is independently published games. Lined up for play – Spirit of The Century, Icons, The Shab Al-Hiri Roach, Counting To Infinity, Spirit of The Shattered Earth, maybe Dread, Fiasco, and…Dogs In The Vineyard. I’ll report back on how it went in a couple of days.

They're really playing Spirit of The Revolution.

My Fiasco Playset is Published!

How could I have forgotten?!!

Thanks to Terry for chastising me for it.  It is a playset set in the Reconstruction period after the American Civil War.  Here’s the copy on the website about it.

It is 1867. The American Civil War is over and the South is in ashes. She must be restored to the Union, and the process by which she will be rebuilt and embraced by the victors – well, it is not a smooth one.

In southern Virginia, amid the still-smoldering ruins of late-war battlefields, newly freed slaves mingle with former owners. Carpetbaggers and scallywags look for quick profits. Corruption is the coin of the realm, and the desperate, despicable and insane all look for an angle.

It was tons of fun to build and to work with Jason on getting it just right.

Anyway, jump over here to the Bully Pulpit website in their downloads area to get my playset for Fiasco.  Go NOW!  Then come back.

Welcome back.  Please play it and let me know how it went for you, good or bad.  I need the feedback as I’m working on a couple of new playsets and would like to avoid mistakes made in this one.