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Feedback on Pulp Gamer Out of Character – Elder Pronunciation Gods

I’m catching up on my podcast listening. I always check to see if there is a new Pulp Gamer episode of any kind first. And sure enough there was a new Out Of Character. In fact there are two. This is feedback on the first – Elder Pronunciation Gods.
The first thing to mention is Ron Blessing is back. This is a good thing. Ron brings good insight as a gamer and retailer to the program.
The first topic covered was Jess Hartley’s new book, Conventions for the Aspiring Game Professional.  For those who are aspiring game professionals, this book sounds like a must have.  Jess knows what she is talking about in this book.  She’s a well respected professional in the gaming industry whose works include these.  I’m particularly interested in her World of Darkness books, Innocents and Geist.  Geist is talked about more in PGOC 88.  Both of these books sound like they would be fun and scary.  And I don’t get to play scary very much.  If you are a game designer, check this one out.

Jess also mentioned that she is a homeschooler.  As a fellow homeschooler it is nice to see the community expand.

There was more talk of Adventures In Oz, a rpg where you play characters in Baum’s world.  As I mentioned previously, I would like to get some more info on this one.  I’ve not read much of the Oz material but I think it would be fun.  And I could play this with my kids.  The website has the character creation and a bit of the rules up for download so that you can see what the game is about.  There is an interesting mechanic in the game.  Combat doesn’t necessarily result in death of one of the combatants as in most games.  Here you combat until one gives in.  The mechanics seem to support this non-lethal conflict.  I’ll need to read more to find out though.

The rest of the episode was responding to feedback and emails.  A good portion of this was taken up by me in what they are calling The Tomg Spot.  Ha Ha.  I even got a big voice intro with an echo.  Ron mentioned that he and Veronica will be in my neck of the woods, NC, at MACE.  MACE is the local/regional gaming con.  It is a sweet con that is devoted solely to gaming.  Many of the Savage Worlds folks will be there and they are having a Savage Saturday Night event on – Saturday night.  So if you are in the High Point, NC area on Nov. 6-8, come on by.

There was mention of Jeremiah’s game company.  As I understand it he is hard at work on a new role playing game, MERP – Middle East Role Playing.  JD, you should check that out.

I would be remise if I didn’t mention Hive.  Everyone should have a copy of this great two player game.

I will mention that Pulp Gamer is running a ‘bribe’.  If you leave a review of Pulp Gamer Out of Character on iTunes you can get a copy of ‘Accent Your Character‘ – PG’s role playing aid to assist you in mastering those United Kingdom type accents.  And if you leave a review of one of the other Pulp Gamer shows you can get a digital copy.  Very cool.  I’m headed over there right after this post.

All in all another good episode.

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