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Board Games To Go #100

Mark reached the 100th episode this week. He talked about a number of games. Of them, Numeri was quite interesting to me. I need to look into it more. From the description it sounded like one I would like. If you have played it please post your thoughts.
He talked about one from Gamewright, one of my family’s favorite publishers. This was Polar Derby. It is a very light push your luck game designed by Reiner Knizia. It sounds like one my kids would like. Mark also mentioned that Dr. Knizia designed Star Wars: Attack of the Clones card game. We need to get this. My son is hyper into Star Wars right now and I know he would like this one.

New Games

We got 3 new games for Christmas.

Three of A Crime

Zeus On The Loose

Clue: Secrets and Spies

I’m working on full reviews of each but here is a brief summary of each.

Three Of A Crime – quick deduction game.  It’s fun. This one got the most play – 7 plays.

Zeus On The Loose – an addition game with a ‘take that’ element.  Two plays.

Clue: Secrets and Spies – NOT Clue.  This is a completely different game from trad Clue.  It’s fun but can be very lop-sided. One play.

The first two are Gamewright games.  I like this company a lot.  Of the 6 or so we own,  all but one see regular play at my house.

I also played a demo/solo/learning game of Pandemic.  I read a rule wrong so this didn’t go so well.  I will try again this week.  I have played it properly.  Someone with experience with the game explained it to us for that play.  It is an extremely fun game.