This Week In Games – 28may12

This Week In Games This is the inaugural post for This Week In Games. In it I will recount what games I played in the past week as well as cover any gaming news that I thought was neat. What I Played: So as far as gaming goes I missed game night at Hypermind so [...]

Gameathonapocaloozafestacon! 2

WOW!  10 gamers!  13 straight hours of gaming!  It all happened this past Saturday, February 5 at my house. The festivities started about 11am when Chris Norwood (GamerChris) arrived with games in tow.  While I tended to getting the chili started, he set up a game of Catacombs for Barry and Z.  I joined in [...]

What I Played Last Night

I got to game night late (8pm) for various reasons.  Most everyone was in a game of 7 Wonders except Kenny.  He was setting up Command & Colors: Napoleonics for he and Chris.  Once he got it set up we played a game of Parade.  He beat me pretty handily.  Around then the 7 Wonders [...]

Hypermind Board Game Night

At the invitation of GamerChris, I've been going to the weekly board game night at Hypermind in Burlington, NC for a couple of months now. I have to say it is one of the highlights of each week. I've played a new game every night I've been there. Last night it was Princes of Florence [...]

RPG or Die!con

GamerChris had a game day at his house this past Saturday.  He was calling it RPG or Die! reflecting the fact that it had been postponed several times.  But I'm very happy to say it went off without a hitch this time. The participants were: husband and wife team Britt and Carol, Kenny, Chris, and [...]

Gurgacon 1 – review up at

We had a big ole blast at Gurgacon 1 last Saturday.  It was me, Terry, Cindy, Kenny, Chris, and Zachary - junior GM extraordinaire.  We played a Savage Henford scenario I whipped up earlier that week.  It involved rage 'zombies' and tested most of the PC's.  Chris' Flynn was a battle machine.  I don't think [...]