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This Week In Games – 28may12

This Week In Games

This is the inaugural post for This Week In Games. In it I will recount what games I played in the past week as well as cover any gaming news that I thought was neat.

What I Played:

So as far as gaming goes I missed game night at Hypermind so the play list is kind of short. Z and I got a quick game of Omen: A Reign of War in. Omen is a card based battle game from Small Box Games. It has beautiful art and plays smoothly. I’ll get a full review on it as soon as I get a couple of more plays in.

Liv and I played a couple of Gamewright games. We traded wins on Zeus On The Loose and then she beat me twice at Castle Keep. Both of these games are great for families. Zeus is good for kids because it reenforces addition skills and quick thinking. Castle Keep is good for pattern recognition. And they are just fun quick games.

Liv and I also got a game of Hemloch in. Hemloch is another Small Box Games game. Can you tell I really like Small Box? This is another card game with a bit of a board game mixed in and has a dark fantasy theme. I enjoyed it. And will get a review in soon.

Cool Game News:

From BGG:

Queen Games – reprints of Arena: Roma II, a Lancaster expansion -The New Laws, and the Alhambra Family Box featuring the base game and expansion – The Vizier’s Favor plus Granada. I’m a Stefan Feld fan boy so I’m glad to see Arena coming back. Lancaster was one of my favorite new games of 2011 so an expansion is cool. I like Alhambra and the family box is a good compromise between just the base game and the Big Box.

Cubicle 7 – Cubicle 7 mostly does rpg’s. But they just announced that they will be doing a Dr. Who card game designed by…Martin Wallace! I’m sold. And Z will love it.

Z-Man – Goa is finally coming back. I’m very glad because this is a great game. It is a definite buy.

From Game Salute:

    • Days of Wonder just announced a new expansion pack for Memoir ’44. The Equipment Pack will have tons of new stuff – figures and vehicles from different countries, new cards, and new rules. Another must added to the huge Memoir ’44 want list.
    • Z-Man – Alcatraz: The Scapegoat is on the way. This co-op with a twist sounds like a lot of fun.
    • AEG – AEG has released the Thunderstone base game as a free print and play. All cards are updated to work with Thunderstone: Advance, the upgraded version of the game. Thunderstone: Advance streamlines the game and gets you to the dungeons faster. It sounds like AEG has big plans for this game with expansion ‘modules’ being released on a regular basis. I have an interview with AEG Senior Brand Manager Todd Rowland that should drop this week.
    • WizKids – The Lord of The Rings: Nazgul is on the way. This one is a co-op where you play the Nazgul and must complete missions before the One Ring is destroyed. It’s co-op with a competitive twist and sounds intriguing.

From Google Reader (blog watch):

    • my friend Daniel Solis has some cool ideas porting the Risk: Legacy of changing the game as it progresses to other games. My favorite is Scrabble: Legacy – Keep a Legacy document in the game box. (This can simply be the game board, the inside of the game box or a proper sheet of paper.) At the end of each game, each player writes one of the words currently in play. Any words on this list are worth half points in any future game.Winner’s Privilege: Add a DL, DW, TL, or TW to any empty space on the board. A single row or column can only have up to three of each
    • I Waste The Buddha With A Crossbow – interesting article on the Indiana Jones RPG.
    • Friend of Go Forth And Game Seth Jaffee has some updates to some of his current in progress designs and an announcement that he is contributing to the book Why I Design. Check them via the link.
    • The Opinionated Gamers have some interesting reviews of Talat, Upon A Salty Sea, and Ora & Labora.
    • Board Game Reviews by Josh reviews Nemo’s War by Victory Point Games and Kingdom of Solomon by Minion Games. Both are games I want to check out.
    • Father Geek – Cyrus posts his webcomic, Senor Tex-Mex!. It’s fun and brought back memories of El Espectro, the comic Micah Harris and I did for The East Carolinian back in college. Maybe I’ll post some of those soon.
    • Little Metal Dog – posts a review of Legend of The Lost Dutchman by Crash Games.
    • Speaking of Lost Dutchman, Dice Hate Me also posted a review. I played this with Chris and enjoyed it. It needs some polish but is a solid game. It is currently on Kickstarter.
    • Speaking of Dice Hate Me, Chris and Cherilyn are at Origins (or rather have just returned from Origins when this posts) and should have their report up soon. Meanwhile recent posts include: a Ground Floor from Tasty Minstrel review ( I played that one with him too.), a review of My Happy Farm from 5th Street Games (We played that too.), an announcement that DHM Games has signed Compounded, a game by Darrell Louder.
    • GamerChris – a session report including Catacombs, Walnut Grove, and Lords of Waterdeep, a picture of the week, and…his first podcast, Exploring Games with GamerChris, Congrats to Chris for jumping into the pool.
    • Kickstarter roundup: Ground Floor by Tasty Minstrel Games, The Legend of The Lost Dutchman by Crash Games, Deadlands Noir by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Ace of Spies by Sprocket Games, Tsuro of the Seas, Tammany Hall by Pandasaurus Games, Tahiti by Minion Games, Hoplomachus-The Lost Cities by Josh & Adam Carlson











That’s all the news for this week. Join me next week for some more. Until then leave a comment and check out some of the sites and games that I mentioned.

Go Forth and Game,


All Photos are copyright by their various authors/publishers.

Gameathonapocaloozafestacon! 2

WOW!  10 gamers!  13 straight hours of gaming!  It all happened this past Saturday, February 5 at my house.

The festivities started about 11am when Chris Norwood (GamerChris) arrived with games in tow.  While I tended to getting the chili started, he set up a game of Catacombs for Barry and Z.  I joined in as the wizard when I could.  That game ended rather quickly when a crypt spider stunned the party.  As no one else had arrived yet, they started another game of Catacombs. 
Kenny showed up soon after with lots of games and jumped in.  Not much later Chris Kirkman (dicehateme) and Cherilyn were at the door with arms full of games.  Jeff was right behind them.  So that left Chris, Cherilyn, Jeff, and me open for a game.  Chris had mentioned wanting to try some Tasty Minstrel goodness so we broke out Homesteaders. Everyone else was new to the game so I taught them pretty quick and off we went.  It was a close game.  I managed to eek out a questionable win by one point while Jeff and Cherilyn tied for second and Chris in a very close last.  I think Cherilyn actually won but I didn’t explain scoring well enough and her score got muddled in that.  Homesteaders was a real hit.  It continues to surprise me at how much is there in such a quick game.

Terry had arrived by now.  He, Barry, Chris N., and Kenny started a Masons game a little while before the Homesteaders game ended.  It was going well and I needed to step out for pizza.  When I got back, Z was teaching Forbidden Island to Jeff, Cherilyn, and Chris K.  I’m pretty sure Chris and Cherilyn had played before but they were going along with Z.  He was doing a good job.  After Memoir ’44, Forbidden Island is his favorite.  Their game ended with a close win for the explorers.  The Masons game ended about the same time.  So it was lunch time.  After pizza it was RPG time.  I had prepped two Dread scenarios and Chris N. was ready with Gamma World.  Kenny, Terry, and Z opted for Gamma World while Chris K., Cherilyn, Barry, and Jeff joined me for Dread.  Cherilyn was an rpg virgin and Jeff and Chris K. had not played Dread before.  The group chose the ‘Breakfast Club’ scenario.  They were playing high school students in detention on Saturday.  When one of the NPC students disappeared, the game really kicked in.  The teacher went to look for him and ended up getting eaten by the janitor.  Unfortunately for the kids they happened to see the event and the chase was on.  From room to room, from the roof to the basement, Ivan the janitor chased the kids.  By the end, the freak had beat up the jock, the good girl had confessed her love for the geek girl, and the bad boy had slit the jock’s throat.  In a surprise turn, the bad boy sacrificed himself to blow Ivan the creature up.

There were lots of scary pulls.  But the tower didn’t fall.  There were some close calls.  Chris dropped a block twice.  But instead of his character dying I decided to give him some consequences.  This worked out well and added some tension at the end.  Chris had a countdown timer on his iPhone that we used for the last five minutes as the boiler built up pressure toward an explosive end.  That worked really well.   Everyone had a blast.  We all agreed that Dread is a great rpg and the Jenga tower personifies tension.  Cherilyn did a fantastic job as Lucy The Geek Girl.  She kind of took the leadership of the group and had excellent ideas.  I think she’s hooked.  Jeff enjoyed the game a lot too.  He always makes his characters real and fun.  Barry’s Talon the Freak (with the freaky girlfriend) was a hoot and added a good dose of cynicism.  I’ve been criticized for not making the players pull more often.  This is probably true.  And in retrospect I should have made Ivan more menacing.  But I decided to go with the ‘unknown terror’ idea.  I think it worked well.  Dread is such a well designed game.  It will be a regular fixture at game day.

The Gamma World game ended with a TPK.  But all said they it was fun.  It was Z’s first rpg and he had a super blast.  It is one of the two things he has talked about since.  The other is a set of mini’s Kenny brought him.  He’s worked on assembling them since Sunday.  I’m so proud.  What a good geek dad I am.  And Kenny, thanks again for the minis and starting Z down that road.

By this time we were hungry again so Z and I dropped out of the gaming to make some cornbread.  The gang broke out 7 Wonders.  I believe it went well.  It seemed that everyone had fun.  Several people had not played it before and Chris N. did his usual excellent job of teaching it.

After chili, the games started up again with Jeff, Cherilyn, Kenny, and myself breaking out Pandemic.  Alien Frontiers hit the table for Chris N., Terry, Barry, and Chris K..  Jeff was new to Pandemic so Kenny and Cherilyn explained the game to him.  The game was tight at first but we got three of the five diseases cured and were going after black and were two turns away from the win when red had a double out break and we ran out of red cubes.  Oddly enough, though we were playing with the mutation expansion, no mutation cards came up.  Pandemic is such a blast.  It’s my number 2 game and we found out that it is Cherilyn’s number 1 game.  And she’s really good at it.  I was very appreciative to her and Kenny teaching the game to Jeff and reacquainting me.

Kenny had to take off and Alien Frontiers was still going so Jeff, Cherilyn, K (who had just gotten home from work), and me decided to play Settlers of Catan. This was one we all knew so it went well with K taking the game.  The other game had not finished yet so we started another Settlers game.  Once again K took the win.  She is really turning into a good gamer.  By now the Alien Frontiers game was over.  Jeff needed to leave so we bid him goodbye.

The next game on the docket was Dixit.  We were two people too many so Chris N. volunteered to sit out and Cherilyn decided to play on Chris K.’s team.  Chris K. taught us all the game quickly and off we went.  Barry pulled out the win.  Dixit is a fun game, a very good family or ‘party’ game.  Beautiful if quirky art and simple rules make it a must buy for me.

Dixit closed out the night.  It was about 12am by then and though we could have probably played a couple more we decided to call it.

What a blast of a day!  It was a big thing for me.  Potentially 15 people, some of whom had not met.  I wasn’t worried about a fight breaking out or anything.  But I wanted everyone to have a ton of fun.  And I think we did.  We had a ton of games.  Several people learned new games that they asked more about later.  New friendships were forged.  I think this was the start of something good.  I announced the theme for the third Gameathonapocaloozafestacon – Big Ole Games – those 3 -4 hour games that you never have time to play.  So bring on Descent, Arkham Horror, and Twilight Imperium.  We’ll have the time.

There will not be many pictures.  My camera failed me.  But GamerChris has a bunch on his post of the event.

It was such an awesome day.  Good friends and good games.  I can’t wait for the next.