I’m A Roling Stone.

Roling as in role playing. I know. 'Roling' is not a word. But it works for a cool title. The post is talking about role playing games, rpg's from now on. I like role playing games. I've dabbled with them for many years starting back in the early '80's with the Purple Box Dungeons & [...]

A Conversation About Durance With Jason Morningstar and Steve Segedy of Bully Pulpit Games

Today I'm talking to Steve Segedy and Jason Morningstar of Bully Pulpit Games. Bully Pulpit has been consistent making exciting, innovative games for the past several years including Grey Ranks and Fiasco. Here we talk about their newest game, Durance. Tom: Durance just Kickstarted to great success. It was fully funded in, what, 18 hours [...]

A Taste Of Fiasco – Durham Style

I just got back from A Taste of Fiasco, an afternoon of Fiasco with Jason Morningstar, the game's designer, and Steve Segedy, Bully Pulpit Games web guru. My game was with David, Shane, and Scott. We chose the 'Manna Hotel' playset. Manna Hotel is set in Manna, Kansas, population 1200. I played Miles Morgan, an [...]

Feedback Is Back.

It's been a very long time since I posted any podcast feedback.  Mainly because I had not been listening to any podcasts nor when I did, was not able to take notes.  Feedback was the reason for starting this blog.  It's about time I returned to it.  So here we go. A lot of these [...]

A Conversation With…Jason Morningstar

Well, here's one some of you have been waiting for.  This time Jason Morningstar is joining me. Jason is a game designer, focusing mainly on role playing games and is very active in the indie rpg arena. Some of Jason's games include The Shab-al-hiri Roach, Grey Ranks (which won a Diana Jones award), and Fiasco. [...]

My Fiasco Playset is Published!

How could I have forgotten?!! Thanks to Terry for chastising me for it.  It is a playset set in the Reconstruction period after the American Civil War.  Here's the copy on the website about it. It is 1867. The American Civil War is over and the South is in ashes. She must be restored to [...]

No Thanks For The Kingdom Fiascos

Last night was game night at Hypermind.  I haven't been able to attend for the last two due to illness in the family so I was stoked. Chris, Kenny, and I had been discussing what to do and decided on Macao and playtesting our Fiasco playset.  Well, Macao didn't happen but there was still much fun.  [...]