Gameathonapocaloozafestacon! 2

WOW!  10 gamers!  13 straight hours of gaming!  It all happened this past Saturday, February 5 at my house. The festivities started about 11am when Chris Norwood (GamerChris) arrived with games in tow.  While I tended to getting the chili started, he set up a game of Catacombs for Barry and Z.  I joined in … Continue reading Gameathonapocaloozafestacon! 2

RPG or Die!con

GamerChris had a game day at his house this past Saturday.  He was calling it RPG or Die! reflecting the fact that it had been postponed several times.  But I'm very happy to say it went off without a hitch this time. The participants were: husband and wife team Britt and Carol, Kenny, Chris, and … Continue reading RPG or Die!con