Latest Game Design News

Here's what I'm working on game design wise. The Survivor - this is a solo rpg that uses a standard deck of playing cards.  Drawn cards help you set scenes and determine outcomes of those scenes.  Suit, color, and value of the cards all inform different elements of a scene.  Elements at present will be [...]

Bits And Pieces

I'm trying to catch up on feedback today so here are a few things that have been going on or that I will expand on later. Game Design update: Comatose is coming along well.  I solved a major issue that I didn't even know I had until playtesting and playing Fiasco - Story advancement mechanic.  [...]

RPG or Die!con

GamerChris had a game day at his house this past Saturday.  He was calling it RPG or Die! reflecting the fact that it had been postponed several times.  But I'm very happy to say it went off without a hitch this time. The participants were: husband and wife team Britt and Carol, Kenny, Chris, and [...]

Quick Design Update

My recent request for critique of Comatose's premise had been very fruitful. As I mentioned before, three different games have developed from it. First, Comatose continues with some slight modifications. The original game, Twisted Rhymes, is reborn probably as a hybrid rpg/boardgame. More on this in another post. The last, tentatively called The Gold Rush, [...]

Comatose Update Update

I've gotten some very good feedback on my two premises for Comatose.  The dark fairy tales/nursery rhymes version is still viable but may spawn or morph into a board game.  I like the original premise I had from the sight and sound challenge several years ago.  I had stopped because there seemed to be an [...]