Planting Power – A Conversation With…Adam Dalton about Power Plants

I’m joined again by game designer Adam Dalton. This time we are talking about his newest game, Power Plants. In the game, players are wizards planting a garden of plants. This is a tile laying / area control game in which the tiles represent the plants that grant the players various powers and actions. Players use their sprites to claim fields and pods for endgame scoring. Adam is a great guest and I’m sure you will enjoy learning about Power Plants. Power Plants is being published by

Another Conversation With…Micah S. Harris About Portrait of War, Ice, & Dragons

I’m talking to my good friend, Micah S. Harris about the last book in his Witches of Winter trilogy, Portrait of War, Ice, and Dragons. It’s a fantastic and fun conversation about a fantastic and fun book. It’s got romance, swashbuckling, twists, turns and of course dragons. This episode is long overdue. But it’s extra long to make up for that.