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Fishy Talk – A Conversation With…Danny Devine About Kohaku

I received my copy of Kohaku yesterday and the game is gorgeous. With people and stores getting their copies, I thought it would be a good time to repost this conversation I had with the designer, Danny Devine. Friend of the show Danny Devine is back to talk about his latest game, Kohaku. Kohaku is a chill game about building koi ponds and is being published by Gold Seal Games. Check this out to find out about this cool little game. The theme for Go Forth And Game is Countdown To Myocardial Infarction by Peter Gresser. Though it is in public domain we thank him for allowing us to use it. You can find lots more interesting gaming content at The Inquisitive Meeple, our brother site.
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The Most Monsterous Games: Monster Highway with One Day West Games

I’m happy to talk with Ryan and Bob Craig, the guys from One Day West Games.  We talked about this game back in 2019 when it was released. Mr. Sanders and I did an in depth review of it at that time. You can find that in the archives. But I wanted to revisit Monster Highway for The Most Monsterous Games. So the Craig Brothers are here to discuss how the game came about, what it is, and its future. I know you will enjoy this show. And Happy Halloween!!