Monster Kid Gaming – A Conversation With…Derek M. Koch of Dice Monster Dice

Welcome to episode 111 of Go Forth And Game. I’m very happy to have Derek M. Koch as my guest this time. Derek is the main man behind Monster Kid Radio. MKR is the Rondo-award winning, weekly podcast celebrating the classic, and sometimes not-so-classic, genre cinema of yesteryear! Derek and I are talking about Dice Monster Dice. DMD is game publishing arm of Monster Kid Radio. We discuss Harsch Kingdom, his D&D 5E compatible campaign setting. Dice Monster Dice has two YouTube channels – Untitled Generation X Nerd Show and Dice Monster Dice and both of these are mentioned. Lastly, we talk about DMD’s recent very successful Kickstarter, Monsters From The Public Domain. This is a gaming supplement converting monsters seen in public domain monster movies to be compatible with 5E. This is a REALLY,REALLY fun show. Enjoy!

Dice Monster Dice

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Untitled Generation X Nerd Show

Monster Kid Radio

Monster Kid Radio on FaceBook

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