The Giant Hula Monster: The Most Monsterous Games – King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo

Designed by Richard Garfield

Published by Iello

King of Tokyo is a kaiju themed press your luck game. In KOT players are giant monsters attacking Tokyo and each other in an attempt to be the last monster standing. This game is very quick to learn and has gorgeous art and great components. A player’s turn consists of rolling the custom KOT dice to either attack the current monster in Tokyo (claws), restoring health (hearts), collecting energy (lightning), or scoring points (numbers). I say attacking the current King of Tokyo because this is a semi-”all against one” game. All other players attack the player currently occupying Tokyo while that player attacks their choice of the other players. If this is the case, why in the world would you want to be in Tokyo, getting attacked by everybody? Because you score points the longer you stay in Tokyo. And you do have an option to swap places with any attacker when they start attacking on their turn. And you will score a point when you do this. I want to talk about what happens on your turn. Players have the option of three rolls of the dice each turn. They can keep any dice they want and reroll the rest, for a total of three rolls. What are the actions or results of the dice? Claws allows the player to attack once for each collected claw. For each heart symbol, the player regains one health. Collecting a set of three of a number awards the number of points of that number. For collecting three two’s, the player gains two points. Finally, lightning bolts. Lightning bolts are used to purchase cards that allow a player special actions, special attacks, or other beneficial events. Players battle back and forth with players leaving the game should their health run out. Finally there will be one last player standing – the King of Tokyo. For more information, go to





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