Floating on the Lotus Pond – Reviews of the Concrete Canoe Games F.L.O.A.T series Wave 2 & Thrive

We have reviews of four games this time – three from Concrete Canoe Games F.L.O.A.T. series and Adam’s Apple Games Thrive. Concrete Canoe Games sent us each copies of their newest 18 card, hook-box games – Ludus Senatus, Sengoku, and Istanbul or Constantinople?.

F.L.O.A.T. stands for Fun, Lively, Original, Approachable, Tiny and the goal of the series is to create games that embody those qualities.

Then I take a look at  Thrive, a new game from Adam’s Apple Games.

All these games are currently on Kickstarter.

Concrete Canoe Games is here.

Sengoku, Ludus Senatus, Istanbul or Constantinople? Kickstarter

Adam’s Apple Games is here.

Thrive Kickstarter




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