Monster Sheep! – A Conversation With…One Day West Games

In this show we are happy to welcome Bob & Ryan Craig, the brothers behind One Day West Games.

One Day West’s first game, Monster Highway, is the winner of the first Hidden Gem Award from The Inquisitive Meeple. Monster Highway is a family game with some good decisions and a cool monster theme. Ryan & Bob talk about that game and how it developed as well as discussing their newest game, Sheep Boom Bah. In Sheep Boom Bah, players are farmers trying to recover your sheep, which just happen to have wandered into a mine field. It’s a fun, quick, family game that will appeal to most anybody. We know you will enjoy the show.  


Here is One Day West Games’ website.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter for Sheep Boom Bah.

You can find lots more interesting gaming content at The Inquisitive Meeple, our brother site.

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