A Conversation With…Shoot Again Games about Born To Serve

In this episode I talk with Diane and Nick Sauer of Shoot Again Games about their newest game, Born To Serve. Born To Serve is a game about 3rd tier, out of work superheroes. Players are these heroes competing for the only job in town – wait staff at the local restaurant.

Nick and Diane are back with a relaunch of Born To Serve. This show was recorded for the first campaign. As such there are some parts that are no longer accurate, especially regarding that campaign. These really don’t affect the content of the episode at all.  We also talk comic books, Flaming Carrot, and The Legion of Substitute Heroes. Here’s a taste below. It’s a fun show that I hope you enjoy.

Here the link to the Kickstarter page.  The campaign is 60% funded as of January 9 and will end on January 31. Please consider backing this super game.

You can contact Diane or Nick at the KS page or at Shoot Again Games if you have any questions.

As always you can leave comments at goforthandgame@gmail.com or @tomgurg.

Thanks for listening.

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