Month: May 2018

Second Star To The Right And Straight On Til – A Conversation With…Scott Almes

Scott Almes is my guest this time. We focus on Scott’s latest game, The Neverland Rescue. It’s a new game from Letiman Games. As always Scott is a lot of fun. And check out the Kickstarter for The Neverland Rescue. It’s a cool game. I hope you enjoy.


neverland rescue1

Gamegineering With…Seth Jaffee of Tasty Minstrel Games

I’m happy to welcome Seth Jaffee of Tasty Minstrel Games to the show this time. Seth is the head of game development over at TMG. Or as he likes to call it gamegineering. We talk about Homesteaders, Eminent Domain, and some of his thoughts on game design. I hope you enjoy the show. And if you don’t mind, leave a comment below.
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