Month: March 2018

Talking to the Tyccoon: A Conversation With…Dan Yarrington from Game Salute

I have Dan Yarrington from Game Salute as my guest. Dan and I have a really good talk about Game Salute’s history and their newest venures – Starling Games, Sparkworks, and Flying Meeple. I learned a lot about what a game publisher thinks about when making a game. Different ideas about logistics, production, and Kickstarter. This was an extremely interesting interview for me. I hope you enjoy it also. You can find out more about these new game labels here –

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Orchestrating Rice – A Conversation…Philip duBarry

Philip duBarry is my guest for this show. We talk a lot about Philip’s game Black Orchestra. It’s a cool game that is very immersive. Spirits of the Rice Paddy is another of his games we discuss along with its sequel/child Rice Dice. You’ll find out more about how Philip designs games and what he has in the queue. I hope you enjoy it.

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