A Pack O Fun – A Conversation With … Chris Handy of Perplext Games About Pack O Game 2

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In this episode Chris Handy of Perplext Games is my guest. Chris has been designing games for quite a few years and is known for Longshot, Plext, and Cinque Terre. He is also known for Pack O Game, a unique, innovative game format that he blasted onto the world last year. Pack O Game is games are 30 cards in a 1 x 3 inch size. That’s the same size as a pack of gum. Very portable and a lot of fun. Pack O Game Set 1 has a variety of game levels, from very casual to gamer targeted. They were well designed and accessible games.

Well Chris is back with Pack O Game 2! Same format but this set is more gamer level focused. GYM, SOW, ORC, and RUM are four very good games that fit in your shirt pocket. Chris sent me all to preview and their size is deceptive. They have meat. There are tough decisions in each. Each is interesting in different ways. I liked each of them. Not only did satisfy the game in me, my children liked them a lot too. You are going to want these.

They launched on Kickstarter today and are already +85% funded aleady. For only $20 ($24 after Friday) you get FOUR games + all stretch goals. And guess what the stretch goals are – more games! Yes, there is a potential to get up to 8 games for $20! You need to head over to Kickstarter and back these games so I can get all eight. The link is right here.

These are elepant sized games in a mouse sized package.

Oh, by the way. I did a podcast with Chris. We talk about all the Pack O Games. You can get it over on iTunes (leave a star or four) or check it out below.






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