Jamey Stegmaier Interview – Part 3

Here we are again. This is Part 3 of my awesome interview with Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games. As a reminder, this interview was conducted in early 2015. I 'lost' it over the year and am just now getting to it again. So you will see some outdated material. But the interview is SOOO good … Continue reading Jamey Stegmaier Interview – Part 3

Jamey Stegmaier Interviews Me – Part 2

Thanks for coming back for Part 2. It will be worth it. I had forgotten how interesting I sound (and Jamey to of course). I hope you enjoy. Tom: Rhythm. That’s the key. I need a rhythm. And a goal. I need something to shoot for. You have inspired me Mr. Stegmaier! Jamey: As for … Continue reading Jamey Stegmaier Interviews Me – Part 2