Casual Game Insider now on Kickstarter

Casual Game Insider, a premier board gaming magazine, is having its annual funding drive on Kickstarter right now. Chris James of Casual Game Revolution, CGI's publisher, sent me a link for a pdf of a free copy of Casual Game Insider for me to share with you! Here's that link - FREE ISSUE of Casual [...]

Oh, oh, oh it’s magic. You know – A Conversation with…Grant Rodiek and Josh Buergel about Hocus and other things

On this episode of Go Forth And Game, Grant Rodiek and Josh Buergel are my guests. They have a new game called Hocus. It's a card game with a wizard / fantasy theme. I've played a prototype and it's fun. Josh and Grant are here to talk about it. Tom: Grant and Josh, tell us [...]