Talking To Death, Kinda – A Conversation With…Michael Murphey of Grim Games

This episode I have Grim Games Head Honcho Michael Murphey with me. He has a game on Kickstarter right now called Grim. It's a push-your-luck dice game that looks and sounds very cool. Let's find out more. Tom: Welcome to Go Forth And Game Michael. First off, tell us a bit about yourself. Michael: My [...]

Battlecruising Together – A Conversation With…Philip duBarry

This time Philip duBarry joins me to talk about the newest addition to the Eminent Domain Universe - Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers. Tom: First, you have a new addition to your family. Tell us about him. Philip: Ian is boy #2, child #6, and he was born June 2. He gave us just a little scare [...]

Round and Round – A Conversation With…Scott Almes

Scott Almes is back and we talk about Loop, Inc., The Great Dinosaur Rush, Bigfoot, & time travel. Here we go! Tom: First, how are the negotiations with the Elves Union going? Scott: Very well.  I’m looking forward to a long, fruitful future working with the game design elves. Tom: That is very good news. [...]

Out of the Pouch – A Conversation With…Matt Wolfe About Wombat Rescue

This time my friend Matt Wolfe joins me to talk about his first published game, Wombat Rescue. Matt is an awesome and fun guy and I hope you enjoy our talk. Tom: Well, Matt, you’re living the dream with signing your first game, Wombat Rescue with Eagle-Gryphon Games. How does that feel? Matt: It feels [...]