The League of Extraordinary Gamers – A Conversation With…Matt Holden of The Indie Game Alliance

I'm pleased to have Matt Holden of The Indie Game Alliance on Go Forth And Game this time. I asked him to be my guest because I wanted to learn more about IGA. IGA is a very interesting idea but I'll let Matt tell you about it. Tom: Hi Matt, tell us about you. Matt: [...]

Lucky Numbers – A Conversation With…Jason Tagmire, the designer of Seven7’s

Tom: Hi Jason, remind us about Jason Tagmire. Jason: Hey, I’ve designed some quirky games like Pixel Lincoln, Maximum Throwdown, the Storyteller Cards decks, and I was co-set designer on Quarriors: Quest of the Qladiator. Tom: First, update us on Storyteller Cards. I sadly missed both KS so I want to know more. Jason: Storyteller [...]

Rice, Rice Baby – A Conversation With…Philip duBarry and Kevin Brusky about Spirits of the Rice Paddy

I'm joined this time by Kevin Brusky of APE Games and Philip duBarry, the designer of Spirits of the Rice Paddy. Rice Paddy has just completed a very successful Kickstarter campaign so I thought I would talk to these guys about this very interesting game. Tom: First, remind everyone who you are. Philip: I’m Philip [...]

Behind The Masq – A Conversation With…Chris Kreuter & Chris Gosselin of Masquerade Games

I have Chris Kreuter and Chris Gosselin of Masquerade Games with me this time. The Chrises talk about how Masquerade came about, their games, and where they are going. Let's get started. Tom: Ok, first tell us your gamer cred. Chris K: We’re a two person game company. Both myself (Chris Kreuter) and Chris Gosselin [...]