Happy Mitten Magic – A Conversation With…Matt Worden and Jeff Large About Aether Magic

I'm joined this time by Jeff Large of Happy Mitten Games and Matt Worden, the designer of Happy Mitten's very first game - Aether Magic. We discuss Happy Mitten's evolution from a podcast to a game company, what Matt has been up lately, and what Aether Magic is all about. Tom: Introduce yourselves and tell [...]

Between Three Guests, A Conversation With…Ben Rosset, Matt O’Malley, and Jamey Stegmaier About Between Two Cities

Today I'm joined by the guys behind Stonemaier Games next project - Between Two Cities. Ben Rosset, Matt O'Malley, and Stonemaier's Jamey Stegmaier. Let's get to it. Tom: Hi guys. Why not introduce yourselves first. Ben: I’m from Chicago but have lived in Washington, DC since 2003. I’ve been a gamer since about 2006 and [...]

This Man Is On A Mission! – A Conversation With… Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games

I'm extremely excited to have Stephen Buonocore the main man at Stronghold Games as my guest this time. Stephen is the busiest man in gaming, having put out ten games in the last four months of 2014. And he has a Kickstarter campaign burning up the internet. Amazing! He graciously took some time to talk [...]

Doctors and Dudes – A Conversation With….Dan Letzring From Letiman Games

I'm glad to have Dan from Letiman Games on the 'show' today.  Letiman Games has one published game, PhD and one on the way, Dino Dude Ranch. We talk about both and some more stuff. Here we go...     Tom: Hi Dan, thanks for being my guest on Go Forth. Dan: Hey Tom, Thank [...]

Tourist Traps Update

Tourist Traps is the game I'm working on the most lately. Players are the owners of rival roadside attraction shops on Route 66 circa 1960. They are competing for customers by advertising their exhibits and drawing them into their store. It started with players bidding on exhibits. This worked ok but it didn't sparkle. I [...]

Game Nine from Empyrean – A Conversation With… Ivan Turner and Doug Levandowski of Nine Kingdoms Publications

This time I've got the guys from Nine Kingdoms Publications - Ivan Turner and Doug Levandowski. Nine Kingdoms is an up and coming game publisher that has some interesting games on the way. Here we go. Tom: First let’s talk about who you are and your gamer cred. Ivan: Hi.  Thanks for having us on. [...]

I’m A Roling Stone.

Roling as in role playing. I know. 'Roling' is not a word. But it works for a cool title. The post is talking about role playing games, rpg's from now on. I like role playing games. I've dabbled with them for many years starting back in the early '80's with the Purple Box Dungeons & [...]

The Burning Question AND Its Burning Answer About…Playtesting

This article has been a long time coming. I asked the question -"How do I become a better playtester?" some time ago. I got back some excellent comments from various designer, publishers, and gamers. But one reply was exactly what I was looking for. It was an article / forum post on BGG by Eric [...]