A Small Conversation With…Seth Jaffee About Eminent Domain: Microcosm

Tom: Hi Seth, It's good to talk to you again. Remind us of your gamer cred. Seth: My first published title was Terra Prime. My better known title is Eminent Domain, for which an expansion (Escalation) came out early this year. I’ve also got a game coming out from Dice Hate Me (co-designed with Dan [...]

Under The Microscope – Chroma Cubes by Chip Beauvais

Color-by-number.  But I never thought I would see that in a game. Then Chroma Cubes came along. I recently received a copy of Chroma Cubes, the newest game from 5th Street Games. The game was designed several years ago by Chip Beauvais. Chroma Cubes is a very unique game. It has three central mechanics - [...]

Under The Microscope – Dead Drop by Jason Kotarski

Dead Drop is a new microgame designed by Jason Kotarski and published by Crash Games. It consists of 13 cards with art by Adam McIver. It’s a spy themed card game. Cards are numbered 0 through 5. Additionally there are four player help cards. Add in the rules sheet and that’s it. Speaking of rules, [...]