Smoking Some Birds – A Conversation With… Chevee Dodd, the designer of Pull!

This time around I sit down with Chevee Dodd. Chevee is well know in the independent, small game publisher circles. He's a game designer with several games available at The Game Crafter. He is a prolific Twitter-er. He's one of the hosts of Something For Nothing, the super fantastic interview show that is for game [...]

I’m Not Uptight, Not Unattractive, Turn Me Loose Tonight Cause I’m Radioactive…A Conversation With Meltdown Games

I'm happy to have Doug Levandowski from Meltdown Games on Go Forth this time. Meltdown's darling game is Gothic Doctor and Doug is going to tell us about it. Tom: Meltdown Games is Doug Levandowski & John McNeill. I have Doug with me today.  Introduce yourself Doug. Doug: I’m Doug, and I’m an English teacher [...]