Strike it rich in Pay Dirt

I just wanted to post a quick point to Crash Games’ Pay Dirt. Pay Dirt is designed by Tory Niemann of Alien Frontiers fame. In Pay Dirt players are gold miners hoping to hit the Mother Lode. You and your crew have to get the golden rock out of the ground efficiently before the ground freezes or you’re out in the cold.

The game looks great and has some very good press. AND Crash Games is offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That’s right. Straight from Crash Games – “If you are not happy with Pay Dirt for any reason whatsoever within 1 month of receiving it you can return it to Crash Games for a full refund of your pledge amount no questions asked.”  That’s an amazing offer.  Crash Games is a quality outfit delivering fantastic games like Paradise Fallen and Council of Verona. So you know that Pay Dirt will be top notch.


Pay Dirt’s board

The game is about 77% funded. You only have six days to get in on this deal. You should support Pay Dirt right here.