A Conversation With … A.J. Porifirio of Van Ryder Games

I'm once again joined by AJ Porifirio of Van Ryder Games. AJ has a couple of games coming up. And we talk about If I'm Going Down, VRG's first game. Let's talk about Tessen and Cardboard Edison for a minute.  How did you find out about Tessen? AJ: I went to UnPub 3 in January [...]

Under The Microscope – A Review of King’s Forge by Nick Sibicky

Note: This review is of a prototype of King's Forge provided by Game Salute for this review. Abstract: King's Forge is designed by Nick Sibicky and published by Game Salute. It is a resource management and dice rolling game  of crafting or making items for your king.  To be crafted, an item needs a certain [...]

Under The Microscope – Magnum Opus by Ian Stedman

This time I'm previewing Magnum Opus, the new game from Ian Stedman and Clever Mojo Games and powered by Game Salute. This review is based on a prototype of the game. Please take that under consideration when reading this review. Abstract: Magnum Opus is a deck-building and set collection game about alchemists racing to discover [...]