Duck Blind – The Duck Hunting Game v. 4 rules

Well, here are the version 4 rules for Duck Blind. This version is the result of playtesting at Unpub - Atomic Empire #1 and some subsequent playtesting with friends who are also game designers. Duck Blind is an auction game where players are hunters competing to bag the best ducks of the weekend. Using shot [...]

Under The Microscope – The Princess Bride: Prepare To Die!

Under The Microscope – The Princess Bride Prepare To Die! Abstract: Prepare To Die! Is the first The Princess Bride game from Game Salute. In it, players play cards in response to the judge's 'Hello, my name is...' card. The player's cards complete Inigo Montoya's byline 'You ___ my ____. Prepare to die!'. The judge [...]