The Burning Question!

Ok, so the Question of the Month has actually been more like the Question of the Whenever I Can Get Around To Posting It. Therefore I’m changing it to The Burning Question that is not time bounded so much.
So the first Burning Question is…What is your prediction for gaming in 2013? What big thing is going to happen to or in gaming this year? What will we be talking about in January of 2014? Let me know what you think.

One thought on “The Burning Question!”

  1. I think the “big” thing in gaming will be small (even micro) games. Love Letter and Coup made a big splash last year, proving there’s a market for this. I think portable games with quick playtimes, simple rules, and social gameplay are going to be hot (and more prevalent) in 2013, especially as TableTop and other means continue to push hobby games into the mainstream.

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