A Quick Chat About The Prototype PenPal Program with Grant Rodiek

I wanted to talk about an excited about a new game design idea from Grant Rodiek. Grant has started a blind playtesting program for designers. It's called The Prototype PenPal Program and Grant was kind enough to join me to talk about it. Tom: Grant, what is the Protoype PenPal Program? Grant: The Prototype PenPal [...]

A Conversation with John Moller of Unpub, Part 2

Welcome back!  Here's part 2 of my interview with gaming influencer, John Moller.  We talk about what makes a good player, game themes, and of course Unpub. Enjoy. Tom: How many Unpub events are planned for 2013? John: We’re deep in the planning stages right now for a lot of events. Unpub 3, of course. [...]

A Conversation With John Moller of Unpub, Part 1

I am very excited to have John Moller as my guest this time.  John is the founder of Unpub, an organization that assists game designers get their games into a publishable form through playtesting, connecting people, and advice.  This is a long interview so I've broken it into two parts.  Part two will come in [...]

A Conversation With…Darrell Louder, the designer of Compounded

This time I'm talking to Darrell Louder. Darrell's the designer of Compounded, a new game coming from Dice Hate Me Games. Tom: Alright Darrell, tell us about yourself. Darrell: I’m a 33 (soon to be 34, on Valentine’s Day to be specific) year-old crazy person. Married with a beautiful wife, Lesley, and the greatest 2 [...]