Question of the Month – Where are the new game mechanisms?

The Question of The Month for October was "Where are the new game mechanisms?". I asked the question of a bunch of game designers, game publishers, and gamers.  Here's what they said. Keith Carter, former game designer and member of The Hypermind Board Gamers: There are no truly new, innovative games/mechanisms being made. It is [...]

A Conversation with Michael Coe, the designer of Dungeon Heroes and founder of Crash Games

It is my pleasure to have Michael Coe, the founder of Crash Games and designer of Dungeon Heroes, as my guest this time on Go Forth And Game. Tom: Welcome Michael. Remind us about yourself and Crash Games. Michael: Well Tom, let me start by saying I am a proud husband and father to be [...]

A Conversation With…Grant Rodiek, the designer of Farmageddon

It is a pleasure to welcome Grant Rodiek to Go Forth And Game.  Grant is the designer of the Kickstarter hit, Farmageddon. Tom: Welcome to Go Forth, Grant. First remind us about yourself. Grant: My name is Grant Rodiek, I’m 29,  and I live in foggy/sunny/foggy/cold San Francisco. I live with my girlfriend Beth and [...]