A Conversation With…Jason Kotarski, designer of The Great Heartland Hauling Company

This time I'm joined by Jason Kotarski.  Jason's an awesome guest and the designer of The Great Heartland Hauling Company, coming soon from Dice Hate Me Games. Tom: First remind us about yourself.  We all know that outside of a few ‘game rock stars’, everyone else has a day job.  What do you do to [...]

Under The Microscope – Dungeon Heroes by Crash Games

Under The Microscope - Dungeon Heroes Designed by Michael Coe Published by Crash Games Abstract:  Dungeon Heroes is a two player dungeon crawl with a bit of strategy.  The Heroes, each with a unique ability, are attempting to capture three treasures.  The Dungeon Lord, using traps and monsters, is trying to kill the Heroes.  It’s [...]

Question of the Month – Where are all the new game mechanisms?

This month's question is a follow up to last's month's "What is your favorite game mechanism?".  This question has been floating around the gamerverse for a couple of years.  You heard a lot of people saying that there are no new mechanisms, that all the new games are just retreading of old ones.  The underbuzz [...]

Question of the Month – September 2012 – What Is Your Favorite Game Mechanism?

I began the Question of the Month in September with this question - What's Your Favorite Game Mechanism? I received many responses and I'm happy to share them with you now. Jason Morningstar, designer of Fiasco, Durance, Grey Ranks, & The Shab-al-Hiri Roach - Right now my favorite game mechanism is the productive, leading question. [...]

A Conversation With…Jamey Stegmaier about Viticultue, The Strategic Game of Winemaking

Today I am joined by Jamey Stegmaier.  Jamey is the lead designer of Viticulture, The Strategic Game of Winemaking.  Viticulture is currently on Kickstarter but the campaign will be ending soon.  The game is more than 200% funded and I hear very good things about it. Tom: First tell us about yourself. Jamey: I’m Jamey [...]