This Week In Gaming 16jul12

Not a lot of gaming to report this week. I wasn’t able to make it to Hypermind for game night because I was at the beach. K and I did get a game of For The Win! in. The big thing is Z learned to play chess. So we’ve played a few games and he has an chess app on his iPod.
From The Internets:
GamerChris was particularly busy this week.
There are new reviews at Dice Hate Me.
Made For Play, the documentary about game manufacturing from The Spiel podcast, posted.
Master Plan has returned. This excellent podcast from Ryan Macklin focuses mainly on rpg design but often addresses general gaming concepts. The newest episode is an interview with Luke Crane about his Mouse Guard rpg and it is fantastic.
The ENnie Awards nominees were announced.
Race To Adventure from Evil Hat funded.
Ace Detective Funded.
Flash Point: Second Story funded.
Several others also made the cut.

That’s enough for now.
Thanks for reading.
Go Forth and Game,
Tom G





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