The Jones Theory, my two cents, & The Norwood Theory

Ok, so there has been a lot of talk recently about The Jones Theory. The Jones Theory was developed by Cody Jones, formerly of The Game On! podcast. It states, essentially, that if you own several games that are similar, either in game play or ‘feel’, you should only keep the one you like and will play the most. The Dice Tower, The State of Games, Exploring Games with GamerChris, and a few others all covered this subject over the last week or so.
What are my thoughts on this?
GamerChris proposes The Norwood Theory – keep the games you like. I like the Norwood Theory. Why get rid of games you like simply because you have others of the same type that you also like? Ok, you may like one a little bit better than the others. Just rotate for goodness sake. Besides, no two games are exactly alike. I get a different experience from every game. Shoot, I get different experiences FROM THE SAME GAME depending on who I’m playing it with and the general situation at the time.
I’m sure there will be some instances in which I will Jones Theory some game. I see why people like the Jones Theory. Especially if you have 400+ games and need to get rid of some for some reason.
But for me, I’m a Norwood Theory gamer.
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