This Week In Games 04jun12

Here’s the gaming news for the week of 04Jun12.

It was a sparse week in gaming for me.  I only played Ascension on the Ipad with GamerChris.  Z and I also played most of a game of Settlers of Catan.  But he got bored with it.  It’s just too long for his attention span.  He won by the way with Longest Road pushing him ahead by 2 points.  That’s it for playing games.

Game News

From BGG –

– Cranio Creations released more info on 1969.  It’s a game about the space race in the 1960’s.  I like the theme and am pretty interested in this.

-Ghenos Games – Fishing seems to be the new theme of the moment as Ghenos announces Swordfish, a game about catching and delivering fish.  The board is beautiful so I’m keeping my eyes on it.

-Dice Hate Me Games – DHMG casts their line in the lake with Take The Bait.  This fishing game is themed around a fishing tournament and sounds like a trophy catch to me.  I’m hoping to playtest this one very soon.  DHMG also released more info on Compounded, their newest fish in the creel from Darryl Louder.

-Stratus Games – DICEafari is nearing release.  I kickstarted this really interesting game so I’m looking forward to seeing it arrive on the doorstep.

-GamerChris’s latest post “Games My Ipod Ruined” is a neat post talking about iOS board games that are getting more play now than their non-virtual originals.  This is very true for me with Ascension:Chronicle of The Godslayer.  I like the game in person and nothing replaces the experience of being across the table from your opponent.  But the app is very excellent at teaching the game.  The speed really is fantastic.  I’m looking forward to the Summoner Wars app.

-Hans im Gluck announced that Z-Man/Filosofia is their new partner in North America.

-Speaking of America, FFG released Fortress America this week.  I missed the first version of this game so I’m pretty excited to try this one out.

-The biggest news of the week for me came from Days of Wonder.  They are releasing a HUGE expansion for Memoir ’44.  It’s called the Equipment Pack and contains a slew of new figures/minis.  I mentioned this last week but they have pictures now.





From GameSalute –

-There are several interesting interviews on GameSalute: Tahiti and Ground Floor by Undead Viking, Terra Prime by InD20, Dice Hate Me reviews Ground Floor

-Goblin Army launched Monolith, a worker placement game that appears to be about megaliths.

-Days of Wonder releases Small World: Realms.  I’m on the fence with Small World.  Z loves it but I’m not that enamored with it.  Realms may change that.  This expansion adds modular boards and scenarios.  I’m interested to see what the scenarios do.

-Queen Games released Maharani and Escape: The Curse of The Temple.  I almost kickstarted Escape because is seems like one that would go over well with the family.  Maharani sounds a bit like Fresco, which I like, but adds a rondel, a mechanic that I enjoy.   Both sound pretty interesting and Queen usually does a fantastic job on a game.

-Privateer Press announced Level 7.  This one sounds really cool.  Players are trapped in Level 7, the ‘hall of nightmares’ and must escape the complex to survive.  The press says it is a story driven game so it’s right up my alley with that and theme.  Really looking forward to this one.

From The Blogosphere:

Daniel Solis just keeps cranking them out.  He posted a new haunted house game, announced Dr. Remedy Grove Presents – a game brand that will be environmentally friendly and themed, and a cool non-game thing – an excellent idea for business cards. Oh, and Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple won the Vanguard Award at Origins.  That’s pretty special.

-Bully Pulpit Games released the June playset for Fiasco, Home Invasion by Jason Morningstar.

-Play Hive Like A Champion is a new book by Randy Ingersoll.  I am a Hive nut so you should check this out.  And play some Hive.

-On The Opinionated Gamers, Dale Yu provides a detailed recap of Origins 2012 with lots of pictures.

That’s about all.

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