A Conversation With…Phil Kilcrease of 5th Street Games

This time on Go Forth And Game I'm talking to Phil Kilcrease, head honcho at 5th Street Games.  5th Street Games publishes several games - The Crow And The Pitcher, Castle Dash, and Kickstarter darling, Farmageddon. Tom:  Welcome Phil.  Talk about 5th Street Games a little bit. How did it come about? PK:  I've always [...]

My Happy Farm and Tooth & Nail

This is just a note to remind you that Tooth & Nail from Small Box Games as well as My Happy Farm from 5th Street Games will be finishing their Kickstarter campaigns soon. Both are just shy of reaching their goals. Head on over to the respective Kickstarter sites and pledge your support of these [...]

Some Kickstarters of Note

This is just a quick post to let you know about some Kickstarter projects that I think are worth your backing. First, Tooth & Nail: Factions by Small Box Games.  Anyone who is a regular will know how much I like Small Box.  John Clowdus makes fun, interesting games filled with thinky fun.  Tooth & [...]

A Conversation with…Todd Rowland of Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)

This time Todd Rowland of Alderac Entertainment Group is my guest on Go Forth And Game.  Todd is the Senior Brand Manager for AEG and he and I talk about his gaming and what AEG has going on. Tom: Todd, thanks for being my guest on Go Forth And Game.  How did you get into [...]

This Week In Games – 28may12

This Week In Games This is the inaugural post for This Week In Games. In it I will recount what games I played in the past week as well as cover any gaming news that I thought was neat. What I Played: So as far as gaming goes I missed game night at Hypermind so [...]