Update Time!

I thought I would let you know how a few things are going.

First The Survivor.  It’s moving along.  I’ve sent it to several people for some playtest feedback.  I’m working on converting it from a chart driven game to a card driven one.  I have a card template and am transferring the text to form the cards.  The cool thing I’ve discovered is that with the change I can add scenario specific events and situations.  And actually add more text and graphics.  It will be much nicer.

Other game designs

Comatose is going back to the original idea of corrupt, evil nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters as the antagonists.  But I had a couple of major revelations that changes things quite a bit.  The first and biggest is the characters are no longer young adults.  Now they are elderly, occupants of an assisted living facility.  Their grandchildren have been taken by the evil rhymes.  The grandparents have to enter RhymeLand to rescue them.  The corruption aspect of the game remains except corruption causes the characters to grow younger as well as more corrupt, tied to the Land.  The other change simplifies the corruption dice mechanic.  Each characteristic starts with a certain number of dice.  As the character is corrupted, dice are removed from characteristics and added to the GM’s Corruption Pool.  These are available for the GM to use in the game during challenges, to change something in the story, or entice the players to do something.  It seems to work well and accomplishes what I want.

Home Front is coming together very well.  I’ve collected all my notes into one document finally.  I’m working on prototyping the game now.  I’ll post more on Home Front later in its own post.

The Gold Rush, The Cell Game, and Big Pharma are in holding stages while I finish the games above.

Go Forth website update is moving forward slowly.  I recently began learning GIMP to work on a logo and am seeking some professional advice from some good friends who are graphic artists.

I have several new interviews in the que as well as reviews of Belfort, For Sale, Bazaar, and Revolution pending.  I’m planning on increasing my review rate.  I would like to do more to add my voice to the mix.

To that end, if you are a game company or designer and would like me to consider your game for a review, send me an email at goforthandgame@gmail.com.  Note that I like to play a game at least 3 times before I review it.

Lastly, if there are any topics you would like me to talk about or if you have suggestions, leave a comment below.

That’s it for updates.  Please comment below if you have something to tell me.




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