The End of An Era

Pulp Gamer Out of Character exited the podosphere this past week with episode 200. Pulp Gamer was/is one of the first gaming podcasts I discovered way back when it was just one show and there was no network. Over the years it has changed and grown, developing one of the first gaming podcast networks, splitting into more specialized shows.
Pulp Gamer is responsible for Go Forth And Game in part. Don encouraged me to start a blog for posting my feedback and thoughts. And through Go Forth I’ve developed some good friendships and made my mark, though small, on the gaming community.
I’ve enjoyed every show I’ve listened to. I’ve made some friends and had a lot of fun.
Not to fear though. The crew is not going away. They are just changing format to video. So we will be able to find them on YouTube. And there will be new, more focused shows.
So THANKS Pulpsters!





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