A Conversation with…Louis Perrochon, the designer and publisher of Startup Fever

This time on Go Forth And Game I'm joined by Louis Perrochon the designer of Startup Fever. Startup Fever was recently published through Kickstarter and I thought it would be cool to talk to Louis about his game and how he designed it. Tom: Louis, tell us about yourself. Louis: In the terminology of Startup [...]

Two Interesting Kickstarter Thoughts: Tasty Minstrel’s “Becoming Kickstarter Rockstar” and GamerChris’s Thoughts

Michael Mindes of Tasty Minstrel Games has put together a video with his thoughts about how to have a successful Kickstarter campaign. To me the most important idea he discusses is building a community for your publication. You can see this in most of the highly successful campaigns - D-Day Dice, Alien Frontiers and the [...]

Under The Microscope – JAB: Real Time Boxing

Under The Microscope this time - JAB: Real Time Boxing from Tasty Minstrel Games Here's another long-lost review.  This time it's JAB: Real Time Boxing.  And wow was it a surprise! Abstract  JAB: Real Time Boxing is a boxing simulation game in which players take their turns simultaneously, hence the 'real time' part of the [...]