Game Design: Z’s Dungeon Crawl

So Z and I worked on his dungeon crawl tonight. His story was that we were investigating this deep gold mine that had been flooded. He had written some basic rules and they were enough to get us going.  We modified as we went through, figuring out what was needed as we went.  He was using Lego pieces for the characters, NPC’s, treasure, weapons, and monsters.


Faced with a rock troll on a bridge over a big pit.

It was a pretty good play test.  We found several things that needed changing.  We figured out that about how he wanted to do battle.  All in all it was a good time.  Here we are fighting the final big boss.  Notice the tanks.  Dungeon crawl with tanks.  That’s my son.

Two warriors, swords, blasters, and tanks vs. the rock giant.







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  1. Heli Avatar

    If we ever manage another game day, Z should run his Lego dungeon crawl campaign.

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