Under The Microscope – Martian Dice by Tasty Minstrel Games

Under The Microscope – Martian Dice Abstract: Martian Dice is a fun, quick dice rolling game from Tasty Minstrel Games. In it you are Martians capturing as many Earthlings as possible before escaping back to Mars or getting blown to pieces by the military. Materials and Method: Components Martian Dice only has three components – [...]

A Conversation With Matthew Duhan, President of Gozer Games

Tom:  Welcome again to Go Forth And Game.  This time Matthew Duhan of Gozer Games.  Gozer is an up and coming company that has a couple of games under its belt.  So Matthew, tell us about yourself. Matthew: I have been a big fan of board games for years. I got my start playing the [...]

Under The Microscope – Eruption by Stratus Games

Under The Microscope – Eruption by Stratus Games I'm examining Stratus Games latest release Eruption this time. Abstract The volcano explodes in fire and pyroclastic flows. Lava inches closer and closer to your village! What will you do? Fortunately you can direct the flows away from your village. Using ingenuity, walls, and good luck, you [...]