Under The Microscope – John Clowdus’ Irondale by Small Box Games

I'm examining John Clowdus' Irondale by Small Box Games under the microscope this time. Abstract You are the builders of the great city of Irondale.  It's your job to expand the city.  With its card laying mechanic, special card abilities, focus on hard choices, and strong hand management component, it is a deceptively deep and [...]

A Conversation With…Geoff and Brian Engelstein, designers of The Ares Project

I welcome Geoff and Brian Engelstein to Go Forth And Game this time. Their game, The Ares Project, has just been released from Z-Man Games. It's a science fiction themed, real time strategy game – the first RTS board game I've seen. Tom: You're a father and son design team. That is so awesome. Tell [...]