Quick Dice Tower Feedback

I listened to a couple of episodes of The Dice Tower earlier this week. Here’s some thoughts on the shows.
The Expansions show – Two games caught my attention – Destiny Quest and Dixit Odyssey. Destiny Quest is an update of the choose your own adventure games/books. Adventure books on steriods – 300+ pages! I like this idea because I can play solo. The ability to play solo is a very awesome aspect of a game. Dixit Odyssey is the newest edition of Dixit. We played Dixit at one of my Gameathonapocaloozafestacons and I really liked it as did the kids. The new version has some new cards and plays like the original. I need to pick this game up.
Episode 222 – They talked about Dungeon Run, the newest from Plaid Hat Games. Colby mentioned this one in our interview and I’m glad to hear that it is as good as it sounded back then. Dungeon crawl in killing monsters as you go. Beat the big boss in the middle. Then, here’s a twist, get back out alive. Sounds cool. Tom V. liked it and I think I will too.
The next one I listened to talked about games that work for small children. They talked about Qwirkle, sighting its pattern and color recognition re-enforcement as a great point for children. They also mentioned Flip Out.
They also have a couple of new segments. The most notable to me is Tales of Horror! In this one they recount gaming horror stories. This one is going to be really fun.
The Dice Tower continues to produce top notch shows filled with fun and valuable gaming information. Check it out – http://www.dicetower.com/
Thanks Tom V., Eric, and the gang.