D6Generation Feedback!

D6G – Dystopian Wars. I listened to The D6 Generation’s interview with Spartan Games recently. They talked a lot about the new faction, Antarcticans, and the new land based part of the game. I have to say Dystopian Wars is really calling to me. I’m a sucker for alternate histories and that is what this game is about.
They also talked to Wyrd Miniatures. Their major game is Malifaux, a skirmish level minis game. It is a Wild West horror themed game and has a really cool style. In addition to Malifaux, the thing that interested me was Terraclips, Lego style terrain. I checked them out on their website and they look really neat. I can see using these in rpgs for sure. Wyrd’s new game, Puppet Wars, sounds really fantastic too.
I really enjoy The D6 Generation and am glad that I can get good minis info that I can trust from them.