A Conversation With…Chris James of Stratus Games

I'm talking to Chris James of Stratus Games.  Stratus is an up and coming game company and currently publishes two games, Gold Mine and Launch Pad with a third, Eruption, on the way. Tom: All right Chris, tell us about yourself. Chris: I'm a 29-year-old family man. I have been married to my lovely wife, [...]

A Conversation with …. Ron and Veronica Blessing of The Game’s The Thing!

I'm really very happy to have Ron and Veronica Blessing of The Game's The Thing and Smilin' Jack's Bar & Grill podcasts as my guests this time. We've been trying to get this posted for a while. Well, it's finally here.             Tom: Hi guys. I'm so glad you both are my guests. It's been [...]

Go Forth And Game enters the 20th Century

I finally registered goforthandgame.com. It has taken me a while for no real reason. I initially started this as a general catch-all blog. But it has developed into a gaming centric one and it is time to recognize that. Along with this upgrade, I plan on changing the look of the site by the end [...]

My friends at Dice Hate Me Games launch their Kickstarter campaign for their new game, Carnival, today.  Carnival is a very good trick taking game in which you are a carnival manager attempting to get 4 of your 5 rides built first.  It has cards, dice, and tickets.  The interplay between the players is fantastic [...]

A Conversation With … Bellwether Games’ Dennis Hoyle and James Tanner

This time on Go Forth And Game I'm talking to Dennis Hoyle and James Tanner of Bellwether Games.  Bellwether is an up and coming company that publishes the award-winning Drop Site. Tom: Welcome to Go Forth And Game guys tell us about yourselves. Dennis: I am 25, just recently graduated with my MBA from Mississippi [...]

Under The Microscope – Homesteaders

Abstract:  Homesteaders is a resource management game with auction and worker placement mechanics.  In the game, players are building a city beginning with a single homestead.  They will bid on building permits, build building, and receive resources, victory points, and abilities from the buildings.  The player with the most victory points wins. Introduction:  Homesteaders was [...]

D6Generation Feedback!

D6G - Dystopian Wars. I listened to The D6 Generation's interview with Spartan Games recently. They talked a lot about the new faction, Antarcticans, and the new land based part of the game. I have to say Dystopian Wars is really calling to me. I'm a sucker for alternate histories and that is what this [...]