A Conversation With…AJ Porifino of Van Ryder Games-UPDATED!

Today AJ Porfirio, Owner and Chief Game Designer of Van Ryder Games joins me to talk about his company and games, Organized Chaos and If I'm Going Down... Tom: So AJ welcome.  What would you like to tell us about yourself? AJ: Well, let’s see I am a hard-working guy with an entrepreneurial spirit. I [...]

It’s Indie-pendence Day!

I'm having some friends over to play role playing games today. The theme today is independently published games. Lined up for play - Spirit of The Century, Icons, The Shab Al-Hiri Roach, Counting To Infinity, Spirit of The Shattered Earth, maybe Dread, Fiasco, and...Dogs In The Vineyard. I'll report back on how it went in [...]

A Conversation With … Micah Harris, comic book writer and creator of Lorna, Relic Wrangler

This time on Go Forth And Game I am very pleased to have my good friend, Micah Harris with me today.  Micah and I met back in college, around 1982, I believe.  In Science Fiction class.  We found that we had common interests like Dr. Who and stop motion animation.  Micah reintroduced me to comics [...]

A Conversation With…Dan Yarrington of Myriad Games

This time on Go Forth And Game I'm talking to Dan Yarrington of Myriad Games! Myriad Games is one of the premier game stores in the world, in my opinion. And Dan is a big part of that. Tom: So Dan, tell us about yourself and your store. Dan: Myriad Games has been in business [...]