Game Design Update #1

I’ve picked ‘comatose’ back up. Going back over the last notes for the game reminded me of why I put it on the back burner. It needs goals. Player goals, character goals, and game goals. I need to answer a couple of questions. First, what do I want the game to do? I think I have a handle on that. Second, how does the game do that? The new Degeneration Mechanic speaks to that question some. Next, player goals and character goals are two different things. Don’t mix them up. I need to explain what the game is and how it does what it does.
More on the way…

2 thoughts on “Game Design Update #1”

  1. Wouldn’t the logical goal be to wake up (with no brain damage)?

    “Survive” isn’t really super compelling, but it is logical.

    1. In the old version of the game, yes that would be the most logical. I’m re-theming it a bit from what you remember. Goals will be tied, in part, to the other characters. I’ll elaborate in a future post soon.

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