A Conversation with…Chad Ellis of Your Move Games, Part 1

Today's Conversation is with Chad Ellis of Your Move Games.  Your Move Games publishes the hit Battleground series, Battleground: Fantasy Warfare and Battleground: Historical Warfare.  They publish a couple of other games as well including their newest, My Kind of Town.  Welcome to Go Forth And Game Chad.  Tell us something about yourself. Chad: I’m [...]

A Conversation With … Colby Dauch of Plaid Hat Games

Tom: This time on Go Forth And Game I talk to Colby Dauch of Plaid Hat Games and the mega-hit Summoner Wars.  Welcome Colby.  How about telling us about yourself. Colby: I’m 28 years old. I live in Ohio with my wife and daughter. I am a top-level assassin working for the US government. I [...]

Under The Microscope – Hey, That’s My Fish

This time on Under The Microscope I examine Hey, That's My Fish. Designed by Alvydas Jakeliunas & Gunter Cornett Published by Phalanx/Mayfair Games, FFG Abstract: Hey That’s My Fish is a fast, fun, and surprisingly strategic family game. It is quick to learn but takes some time to master. Materials - What You Get: 3 [...]